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Winter 2014/15

Regular walk in rates: Glencoe Dorm (10 beds) $29 per bed, The Bothy Dorm (2 beds) $35 per bed. Private rooms. 1 person $45, 2people $70, 3 people $90

For those who can stay a little longer there are some good discounts to be had:

7-29 nights daily rate: Glencoe/Bothy Dorm beds $24/$30, Private rooms 1/2/3 people $35/$60/$80

30+ nights daily rate: Glencoe/Bothy Dorm beds $17.50/$21, Private rooms 1/2/3 people $25/$50/$70

New this year: Hostel Loyalty Card. For those who chase powder, parties or just happen to work mon-fri 9-5!


All prices include tax. Please note that the private rooms are upstairs in the attic & as such have quite low ceilings. If you are over 6ft/1.85m you may bang your head!

PLEASE NOTE: This hostel has age restrictions. Private rooms 14+,  Dorms 16+. Both dorm rooms are unisex.

We will not under any circumstances accept abusive conduct, this includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, theft & drug use. This hostel caters mostly to international, well travelled, intelligent people. THIS IS NOT A CHEAP MOTEL Narrow minded nonsense will not be accepted!

No outdoor shoes inside - it is very easy to get the place soaking wet from melted snow! If you can remember please bring some slippers/flipflops for inside

hwThe hostel welcomes Hostelworld guests. Did you know though that it is generally cheaper to book with the hostels direct? HostelWorld owns pretty much all of the hostelbooking websites from to & due to this monopoly they are increasing their fees; you may have noticed the increase in deposit from 10% to 12% in Canada. This deposit goes directly to HostelWorld not the hostel.


Kicking Horse Hostel is pleased to support local charity Little Mittens. The charity looks after abandoned cats and trys to find forever homes for these animals. They also run a successful TNR program (trap neuter return) which aims to reduce the number of feral cats in the area. Currently the shelter is overrun with unwanted kittens & to help out the hostel fosters up to 4 kittens until they are adopted. The last set of kittens have sadly not been abopted so they have grown up a bit into beautiful cats. They too live in the hostel so if you are not a cat person & especially  if you are seriously allergic to cats then please consider this information before you book as the hostel can not guarantee a cat allergen free environment. The hostel is small, you won't be able to avoid them!